Friday, October 12, 2007

I forgot

I'm sure you think I mean that I forgot we had a blog. But that isn't it. What I forgot is what it is like to be a full time teacher. And then some, since I have 4 grade levels and I'm teaching everything except Science. Yes, that means I am teaching Math. Sorry, kids. So we have had 2 1/2 weeks of school and I'm really overwhelmed - trying to challenge the three 8th graders who are all excellent students, help my two very nice and diligent but still learning English 7th graders (they both attended French school before), keep the four sixth graders from wasting the whole day being silly(that includes Caleb) and work with the one 5th grader who has also been in French school and has good general English, but not so good school English yet. And who is a typical boy. So this is a real challenge, admittedly more than I had bargained for. But seeing this school fly is really important to us, so I think of it as an investment.

Anyway, I have been promising pictures, so here are some. The building is really nice - nicer than any I've ever taught in before. We have a/c so that is very pleasant. But the rooms echo a lot and by today my head was ringing so I hope they will find something to do about that. We are making do with limited materials for now - thank God for the internet - what a revolutionary resource for teachers! Thanks for praying and checking in .

This is the entrance to the school - we had a ribbon cutting ceremony and the President of Liberia attended. Caleb had a nice conversation with her, but I was too busy talking to parents to be one and snap a picture!
This is our classroom- after school. You can see why the room is loud - glass, cement and stone. But it is very large and has great potential. It has a clear story which you can just see in this picture which make the lighting natural. Sorry the lighting in the picture isn't so good tho.

With mixed grades, we are trying to work in groups sometimes. I caught this group being on task! This is also a view of the back of the classroom - more natural light and lots of space. I have some ideas so when I get it arranged as I want it I'll post some more pictures.

So that's how it's looking. By the way, more teachers will be needed for next year if there are any reading.......

Hanging in- Debbie


Gene Brooks said...

1- Where is the American school located?

2- What kinds of teachers do they need next year?

Suzi said...

Hey Debbie!
It's Suzi, of the ex-Equip variety; yes, I'm still alive!
I'm so excited to hear about this new school! It looks GORGEOUS; where is it located?
What a blessing. You are being used in mighty ways!
I love reading your blog and tasting little bits of Liberia!

love Suzi

elephantschild said...

HEY! That's MY kindergarten classroom! (1979-80.)

I learned to use a scissors in that room!