Monday, July 28, 2008

While you were away....

We're back home in MA. now. On the Thursday night before we returned, lightning struck a huge pine tree just 30 feet or so from the house. Since the beginning of summer, we have had thunderstorms here like we have never seen before - more like what I grew up with in Ohio. Here is a picture: the middle third of the tree is the ripped apart piece on the ground and the top third is the brushy part in the background. Thank God it fell away from the house. And I think we are also thankful we were not here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

God's handiwork is awesome

Deb and the boys and I are in Seattle, visiting Deb's sister Laura and some other friends (thanks Laura for hosting us!).

Yesterday we drove down to Mount St. Helens... amazing and awesome, the power of the earth and the hardiness of life--all God's handiwork. Here we are, with the view of Mount St. Helens' crater in the background, as we rested at a a spot called "Devil's elbow" on Johnston ridge.

We're enjoying these family times, but also thinking a lot about Liberia, as we'll be headed back next month. Praying and reflecting.... Rick for all of us

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sacra travels

It's been great as the summer gets going to connect with family and friends. We made a visit to the cape with Uncle Dave.

(This is Uncle Doug with Caleb on the Cape)

The boys went to camp in New Hampshire for two weeks. And we went to the Catskill mountains in New York for a couple days... just the two of us! That was nice. Very interesting--visited the homes of some early American landscape painters, Thomas Cole and Frederick Church, and hiked around the Catskill lakes, cliffs and waterfalls that they were inspired by.

And now we have just arrived in Seattle, to visit Deb's sister Laura and her husband Shad. No pictures yet--we just got here! We're beginning to think about Liberia, as we'll be headed back there by the end of August. Good to get the emotional gas tank filled up!