Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Progress at last!

Last year when we were home, we raised funds for the ELWA Academy to build a two classroom building that will house their Prekindergarten and Kindergarten classes. The building is absolutely needed for the 09-10 school year, because the school is going to add its final grade level (9th) and we are out of space!

In the meantime, the Lord provided new missionary Rusty Laird, a construction manager, and his family to join our team. They arrived in February.

SO....I'm so excited to be able to report this to all of you who donated to this project - the good news is....the building now has a ROOF!! Here are some pictures! Thanks for making this possible!

Rusty just stopped by to tell me he is looking for masoners to do the rest of the cement work and that the ELWA electrician is going to work on the estimate for the wiring and lights. So we are making progress and should be in good shape to open for the next school year!

However, we might be a little tight on funds. The foundation cost more than originally estimated because of the slope where the building is situated, and the cement price went up. We are really stretching the last money we have to try to get as much done as possible. Electrical, windows, doors, ceilings should all be possible. Not too sure about septic, bathrooms, and painting. Yeah, paying for the toilets doesn't seem very glamorous, but imagine the excitement of the 75 four and five year olds who will have a brand new classroom for the next school year. If you are interested in helping complete the building on time, follow this link: Or contact us- we'll be in the USA this summer for a few weeks and we can share more about the school with you.

THANKS AGAIN to all that you have done to get us this far! I wish I could really share with you the excitement that is growing about completing these classrooms. You have blessed your brothers and sisters on this side of the ocean.