Friday, December 28, 2007

Sorely neglected blog

Well, I confess this is about the most neglected blog in the universe lately. Blame my job at the American school. And Facebook.

We had a very quiet Christmas. It wasn't bad, we spent most of our celebration focusing on the reason for the season - the Incarnation, Emmanuel, God with Us -- the birth of Jesus Christ. Most of my Christmas energy went into helping plan a Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church - our first one since we've been attending there, and most of the Liberians said it was their first ever. It was very nice and I think it might become a tradition. I think that since it is so dark this time of year in North America, the symbol of light at Christmas is much more powerful for our culture.

We didn't do anything much for presents - since the kids are already making their plans for their first shopping trip when we get to the USA. I suspect our real first shopping trip will be to purchase coats and hats! Looking at the temperatures in Massachusetts and even Charlotte makes us shiver!

So we have just 19 days till departure... we have plenty to do, but it is beginning to seem like we'll get much of it done. My New Year's resolution is to get back to posting more frequently - So don't give up on us yet.