Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey there. It's shameful that it has been over a month since we posted. We thought of doing it, but the thinking and the doing just didn't get together I guess. Anyway, we have a few ideas stored up so maybe we'll get some extra posts in this month.

Max was home for about 3 weeks. We enjoyed having him here and quite a few people came by to greet him. But overall it was a quiet Christmas.

We got a nice pile of mail today. It looks like the Liberian mail system is working finally. The stamps on the letters indicate that it comes in about once a week, and most mail only takes 10 days to get here, sometimes less. Our town runner picks up the mail every couple of weeks I think. about sending us something?

Let's start with whatever can fit in a padded envelope:
a magazine (choose one that isn't all advertisements)
a dvd or cd (used- don't spend money on this)
Knorr pasta mix
instant beverage envelopes or tea bags (please not used ones)
a paperback (again- one you've already read)
the Sunday comics
the Tuesday NY Times Science section (for Rick)
Surprise us! We'll share whatever isn't something we'll use. Don't send anything valuable- this is an experiment -I am just wondering if stuff will reach us reliably.

The address is:

Rick and Debbie Sacra
c/o SIM Liberia
PO Box 6958
Monrovia, Liberia

Don't forget to WRITE A NOTE too! Even something short. I guess you better let us know if something is on the way (you can say it's a mystery package and when you mailed it) so we can be looking for it. If it doesn't show up in a timely fashion, sometimes it helps to ask at the post office...and it will magically appear.

More again soon, Debbie