Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey there. It's shameful that it has been over a month since we posted. We thought of doing it, but the thinking and the doing just didn't get together I guess. Anyway, we have a few ideas stored up so maybe we'll get some extra posts in this month.

Max was home for about 3 weeks. We enjoyed having him here and quite a few people came by to greet him. But overall it was a quiet Christmas.

We got a nice pile of mail today. It looks like the Liberian mail system is working finally. The stamps on the letters indicate that it comes in about once a week, and most mail only takes 10 days to get here, sometimes less. Our town runner picks up the mail every couple of weeks I think. about sending us something?

Let's start with whatever can fit in a padded envelope:
a magazine (choose one that isn't all advertisements)
a dvd or cd (used- don't spend money on this)
Knorr pasta mix
instant beverage envelopes or tea bags (please not used ones)
a paperback (again- one you've already read)
the Sunday comics
the Tuesday NY Times Science section (for Rick)
Surprise us! We'll share whatever isn't something we'll use. Don't send anything valuable- this is an experiment -I am just wondering if stuff will reach us reliably.

The address is:

Rick and Debbie Sacra
c/o SIM Liberia
PO Box 6958
Monrovia, Liberia

Don't forget to WRITE A NOTE too! Even something short. I guess you better let us know if something is on the way (you can say it's a mystery package and when you mailed it) so we can be looking for it. If it doesn't show up in a timely fashion, sometimes it helps to ask at the post office...and it will magically appear.

More again soon, Debbie


Dan said...
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Dan said...

Hi Rick,

My wife and I are leading a missions team to Monrovia next month to work at some orphanages run by ACFI. We're also trying to help them organize their sponsorship program. I wonder if you'd have time to email me at drut AT spotlight1 DOT com? I'm trying to figure out a solution where we can bring ACFI a small laptop computer and get it hooked up to the internet there. I'd appreciate any advice or comments you have on getting an internet connection. They have sporadic access to power, so I'm wondering what the best solutions are (cell phone, satellite, etc). Any suggestions would be a great help. Thanks!

-Dan Rutledge