Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mystery Photo #7--a real mystery this time

When we were in Robertsport a few weeks ago--(see a previous post)--we were exploring some big old buildings that had been damaged during the war and have not been renovated yet. One of them was the Tubman Center of African Culture, a beautiful building which is still in pretty good condition. It's named for the longest serving president of Liberia, William V. S. Tubman, who was in the highest office for about 27 years (1944 until his death in 1971).

The building was almost empty, except for this small hanging seat like a Gondola chair. We were looking all around trying to figure out where it "belonged" or what it's use was. So... if any of you who know more about Liberia's past than we do, or have spent time in Robertsport before, can help us unravel the mystery of this hanging swing or ferris wheel car, we'd be very, very interested to know! Thanks......

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Day!

Deb and the boys and I really enjoyed our Good Friday and Easter time... I was off for one thing (which was great!), and was able to spend some time reflecting about what my Lord did for me at Passover time when he willingly sacrificed his life and his will for my benefit.

On Friday we had a Good Friday service at church and used a rough hewn home-made cross in the service--we each wrote something on a paper and nailed it to the cross, to represent our wrongdoing, our guilt, the power of evil and selfishness in our lives, etc. And then this morning for resurrection Sunday Deb, the boys and I transformed that same cross with greenery and flowers from around our area, into a symbol of the hope and new life we have in Jesus.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Robertsport Weekend

While Max was home for Spring Break, we enjoyed a weekend in Robertsport. It's about 2 hours away by car, and has a great beach. Yes, we know we live on the beach. But it was nice to be out of town, and the beach in R'port was way cleaner than our beach. We stayed at the "tent resort" pictured below - the tents are heavy canvas and set up on a platform. They are furnished with two double beds and some chairs, and a fan. We slept great.
Here's the group that went- since we had 4 beds (2 tents) reserved, each of the boys brought a friend. They spent hours body-boarding and body surfing. In fact, most of them were in pain from chafing by the end of the trip.

We drove through Robertsport on the way out. It's really just a little town, with this pretty big hill towering over it. Rick thought this tree up on the hill was pretty amazing.
There are more pictures on Rick's camera, so maybe he'll add a few. It was a really nice weekend, and not too long a trip- it could easily be a day trip now that the roads are so good.

Max is on his way back to school in Senegal tonight- it really felt like a short break (spring break always does, it's only 2 weeks). He's doing really well in school in all respects- academically and socially. I'm (Debbie) going to go for a visit in about a month, to see the school play and for Max's baptism.

May God bless your celebration of his Kingship (Palm Sunday), his Sacrifice (Good Friday) and his Victory (Resurrection Sunday!) -- Debbie