Tuesday, September 03, 2013

This may be a bit abstract or esoteric... but it's time to reactivate this channel of communicating with all my good friends.  This is a "55 word story" I wrote a while ago at the family health center, reflecting on a visit I had with a patient in downtown Worcester.  It is more of a "closer"... closing this chapter.  Soon you'll be hearing more about Liberia, as we are heading there September 25th.

The Encounter

I've never met you before
my 48 years and your 50 intersecting for 20 minutes
but your life is complicated
too much pain, diabetes, cigarettes, foster kids, your own kids, kids with psychiatry appointments.
But my job is to care for you
your blood sugars, your pain medication, your kidneys.
Do you want to quit?
Time's up for now