Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick answer

A couple people have asked about the location of the American School. It is at the same location as the old American Cooperative School, as I am sure the alums of that school recognize. They have just renovated the office wing and the first wing of classrooms so far, and we are not really using all of them yet. The school is on Old Road, Congotown side. Turn at Nigeria House and the school is a few blocks after the road turns to the left. Since the war, the building was used by the Child Assistance Program for offices and programs (CAP) so it was in relatively decent shape. The gym was all closed up for all those years, and they re-opened it when they took possession of the property. It's a great building and they have started work on it.

If anyone is interested in teaching, look for the Office of Overseas Schools on there are organizations who handle resumes and recommendations that the overseas schools use for recruiting. I'm not really sure how that works, since I didn't do it that way.....

all for now - Debbie

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