Saturday, May 09, 2009

Visiting Max at Dakar Academy

Last weekend I (Debbie) went to visit Max at boarding school in Dakar. I hadn't been there since Nov. 2007, when Max was a freshman living off campus with friends. I feel like I got a much better idea what Max's life at school was like after hanging around for a few days. I met his teachers, went to the spring musical performance, met his friends, ate in the dorm one evening, watched "Survivor" with them on Sunday evening, went out for ice cream after the beach. Dakar Academy seems like a great place to go to school- a nice community of kids and very involved, caring adults. Max has just a few weeks left of junior year- an AP History exam next week, a research paper due, some other assignments and tests and of course final exams.
I was there for the spring musical "Seussical". Pretty impressive what a small school (only about 30-40 students in each class) can do. Lively and colorful sets and costumes and great talent. Max was in the chorus and is in the back left corner.

Max was baptized on Sunday along with some of his classmates. That's Jacob Decker next to him- Jake was our neighbor when we arrived in Liberia in 1995, so he and Max go way back.

Looking through my pictures, I realized that it would have been nice to have more shots of the campus and dorm. Someday I am going to learn to see my life through your eyes and know what to take pictures of.

On the homefront, my husband said that having me gone 5 days made him appreciate me. Guess that's a good state of mind for him to be in since Mother's Day is tomorrow. :) Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mothers.

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