Thursday, May 07, 2009

ELWA Roadwork

We're getting new roads! Layers of laterite (that's African red clay) grading, rolling, and rumor has it, gravel. Right on the ELWA campus. The campus has been hosting the Chinese road construction company (they've built their own little housing compound in one corner) and as part of the deal, they are working on our roads.

This is the road up to the studio from the Academy. The original road is to the right of the trees (the path to the football field is going off to the right). The new road is to the left of the trees and as you can see, a new culvert and bridge is being installed. The new route will be a great improvement, because there are a lot of rocks and washouts on the original road.
This is the new road from the hospital to the main highway. I was standing right in front of the hospital (around the OR area) when I took this. At the end of the road on the left is the new ELWA market building. The road is nice and wide and has no housing (and small children running into the road) along it.

These two pictures were taken right in front of our house. The grader took down a few of the pine trees (two were dying) and some branches, but better roads will be worth it. Only problem is, the road might be so nice that the cars will go too fast. Our trusty traffic cops, Brady and Coco (our dogs who like to chase cars that are going fast) may get themselves run over.

So that's the latest from the ELWA campus....... Debbie

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