Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Caleb's new cast!

Last wednesday, Caleb was playing goal in a soccer game in gym class, and put out his hand to stop a shot, and his wrist really hurt afterwards... (his team was leading 3-0 when he left the game... on the strength of some bold goaltending). That evening I looked at it and figured it was kind of a bad sprain. But when on Thursday it kept swelling and hurting, Dr. Mom and I finally figured out we should do an x-ray.... indeed, Caleb had a fracture of the two bones in his forearm (a "buckle" fracture for those of you in the medical arena). It was in good position and so didn't require any pulling or bending, just a cast... He feels much better now. And all his friends have signed! This is the first time any of us have had a broken bone.


Melanie said...

sweet cast Caleb! Joel wishes he could sign it too! I'm sure it doesn't slow you down too much :)
the Goodnows

Anonymous said...

Sorry-ooo Caleb! At least you're still smiling!

:) Naomi