Thursday, September 29, 2016

Escripts--September 29, 2016--Looking back, looking forward

Here I (Rick) am, sitting in the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, making the transition again-- from the USA to Liberia; from advocating, fundraising and praying from afar to working, interacting, and collaborating side by side; from the beginning of autumn to the end of rainy season. I’m really happy Debbie and I get to travel together this time! From this vantage point, right in the bend of the road, it is a pretty good view looking back to where we’ve come from, and a pretty good view forward as well, so let me share the view from here with you.

Looking back….
Dr. Rick’s Ride turned out to be a lot of fun! I think my biggest surprise was how many people spent so many hours assisting with this project—I am so grateful! Seven different riders joined me on different legs of the 3-day ride, 165 miles from Springfield to Wayland, to Lowell, to Worcester (Massachusetts). Someone drove the “back-up car” for first aid and mechanical help along the way. A gracious host at each of these stops (assisted by others they recruited) put together an opportunity for me to share the burden God has placed on my heart for the current challenge of HIV in Liberia. Many prayed, listened, and donated. Thank God for answering so many prayers! We had a very safe ride. 164 donors have given over $20,000 so far for the ELWA Hospital HIV/AIDS Education Project, and more is coming in. The total need is $200,000 over 5 years.

Looking forward….

October is going to be a busy month in Liberia. I’ll be working with Rachelle, who heads up our HIV/AIDS Care Team at ELWA, to get the initial activities of our project going: expanding and promoting our monthly support groups; selecting, training and deploying our community outreach team; and working out the details of supervision and reporting on the project’s outcomes.  Debbie will be working on publicity for the dedication of the new ELWA Hospital building, coming up on October 22nd. And both of us will be finding ways to pitch in and help with all the administrative details needed to make the move to the new building a success.

If you missed Rick's talk on HIV-AIDS in Liberia you can watch it on YouTube.  

Please continue to pray with us!
Pray for God to guide and direct the new efforts to reduce deaths from HIV.
Pray for the dedication of the new hospital facility to be an event at which God is glorified as Samaritan’s Purse and SIM join hands in meeting the health needs of our patients in the name of Christ.
Ask God to provide the needed staff and volunteers to provide top-notch, compassionate care at our new facility

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