Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Message from Rick

I asked Rick to write some comments that I might share at a press conference.  Here is his message:

I have truly been overwhelmed by words of kindness and support received over the last week since my diagnosis with Ebola virus disease. Some old friends from years past, some new friends whom I have not met, and others have joined a mighty chorus of prayer on my behalf. This is a very humbling and overwhelming experience.  Thank you all for your prayers. They have sustained me thus far as I make daily improvements in my condition. Thank you also for your contributions towards the work in Liberia. Without your generosity, the situation there would truly be hopeless. With your contributions toward supplies of personal protective gear and other medical supplies/medications, the door will remain open for SIM and ELWA Hospital to have the ministry God has called us to, providing medical care in Monrovia, a city whose entire health care system is in crisis.  Finally, thank you for your prayers and kind words of support and love toward my wife and children. We deeply appreciate every one and I feel like I am truly experiencing the body of Christ at work on a global scale! We love and appreciate you.
I have been told that the SIM Ebola project has received over $180,000 so far.  This morning, I received an email from Dr. John Fankhauser that some work to redesign the intake area of the hospital is nearly finished so that they can begin to care for patients in other areas besides obstetrics.  Please continue to pray for all the hospital workers to be protected from exposure to the virus. 


Dorothy Marie Kucera said...

Greetings, Dr. Rick,

Note: see second paragraph below for my reason in writing you today, Thursday, 9.11.14. Our Omaha Press Conference today had the doctor mentioning you were restless, asking for music. I know more about the emotional side of what you are really trying to endure since I have been mostly bedridden and trapped for years, so God has really shown me how to pass time and find comfort and still be productive with what strength I have each day. I have an idea below to greatly lift your spirits. Email me at if I can be of ANY research help.
I have something special I want you to ask others to bring to you in your isolation unit at UNMC. Have them buy the DVD, titled, IL DIVO, LONDON. It was a concert they filmed there. These are four men from different European countries who have tremendous sounds like a blend of opera, classical and romantic modern songs and they are singing in ITALIAN. You will recognize some of the melodies.
The Italian language has an amazing ability in the musical genre to lift us up and identify with how we feel and move us forward. You do not even have to know the lyrics. It transports us to a higher realm and their music is pleasing to God. The harmony is fantastic and their lung strength is incredible.
The power and range of notes burst forth from these four men, each man taking a different part, in a way that will not only inspire and help you pass the time but it is hearing and seeing that type of earthly POWER and how it reaches across anything we are enduring in life... that sustains me from time to time.

Mrs. Dorothy Marie Kucera
(Who I am and God’s Insights for Shut-Ins…see next emails.)

Autumn King Garcia said...

Hi Rick,
We are so excited to hear that you are doing better! Debbie, you did great on TV today! We are praising God and continuing to pray hard. The world is finally starting to pay attention to the crisis in Liberia-- I guess our nation just needed to take a couple of hits closer to home to wake us up. Please let me know if there's anything at all that we can do for you. We love you.

Christina (Postema) Zook said...

Rick and Debbie,
Larry and I are continuing to pray for you, as well as the situation in Liberia. God bless.

leslie said...

Dear Debbie and Rick, Well I fell off my couch when I looked over at the tv and saw your press conference. We have been praying for everyone involved in this crisis. Several weeks ago Malcolm and I talked about this being the area that you serve in BUT never realized it was you. God is so good and we are soooo happy with your recovery. You both looked wonderful on tv - Debbie you havent aged a bit! Do you remember the peanut butter/bran flakes bars you taught me to make at UofF? I still have your original hand written recipe. I will make some tonight in celebration of Ricks recovery :)
Love, Leslie(Jones),Malcolm,Zeb&Sunni Griffin