Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprise Meeting with Rick

This evening something quite amazing happened. I was working late at the doctors' office at the hospital, and around 6 pm, our receptionist, Rilley, told me that Dr. Befus' brother had stopped in, and when he saw I was busy he said he'd be around and would check back later. I expressed my disbelief to Rilley, and all she said was "He resembles Dr. Befus!" Dr. Steve Befus served here with SIM for many years, taught me much of what I know, and was the one person most responsible (besides the Lord) for ELWA Hospital's survival through the war years. Steve passed away in 2003 due to cancer. I was kind of trying to figure out what Steve's brother would be doing here, and if it really was true. A bit later I stepped outside of the front door to take a call and saw him across the parking area! He was tall and walked a bit like Steve--the resemblance was unmistakable. His name is Rick Befus, and he's part of a team here from a church called "Harvest Chapel" in the Chicago area (correct me if I got the name wrong). He's been teaching at a church just a couple miles from here this week, and returns to the U.S. tomorrow. We talked briefly. It was great to connect with him, and great to be reminded of Steve B. and his faithfulness for 20 years of service to His Lord. Thanks God for arranging that! --Rick

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