Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Obama Phenomenon

In Liberia, Obama is a national hero. Many Liberians I know stayed up all night here to watch the election returns coming in. When I'm walking down the street, people who realize I'm American sometimes just randomly shout "OBAMA!" at me. People are naming their kids Obama. And more and more, you see his name in print. Not just in newspaper articles about the US economy, or foreign policy... but in advertizements and on sign boards all over town, Obama just keeps popping up! A couple local examples:

The Obama "Yes we can, Liberia" filling station (that's gasoline in the 1 gallon mayonnaise jars)... and right next door, the Obama Communication Link:

And finally, the Obama Grocery.

Mr. Obama, it looks like you've made it! In Liberia, at least! --Rick

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Steve said...

I was just at a scientific meeting in washington dc, and Obama is a hero among that community also. They feel that they suddenly have respect and money after 8 years of disrespect and little money. It was almost like attending a religious revival, people were so happy.