Saturday, November 08, 2008

November Prayer update

Here's our prayer update for November in case it didn't come to you by email:

Dear Praying Friends -
It’s a new month again. Is it just me or do the months seems to go by so quickly?

I’m going to focus on Rick’s work this month, since he’s the one who’s kind of on the forefront of ministry right now. As I mentioned last month, Rick is really working full time at the hospital again. He loves that, but he had forgotten that it can be pretty exhausting.

Recently, Rick has been reminded about the many opportunities that his job allows him to speak into people’s lives, sometimes at very critical moments. One day in the clinic, he saw one man who was suffering with several venereal diseases. He agreed to be tested for HIV and the test turned out to be negative, much to his relief. Nonetheless, Rick told him, he was on the road going towards a positive HIV test if he did not turn and go in the opposite direction – God was giving him a second chance at life.

Another woman came for an ultrasound. She was surprised to find out she was pregnant, and told Rick that her fiancé has been out of the country but he will come soon. The baby is not his. Rick could see that she was overwhelmed with sorrow at facing the situation, and he sensed she would be tempted to consider an illegal and dangerous abortion. He printed a picture of the baby in her womb, prayed with her and encouraged her to believe that God would strengthen her if she did what was right.

There have been several cancer patients. Some have been from doctor to doctor and no one has been willing to tell them the truth about their condition. Many doctors will not explain that a cancer is terminal because the next stop is usually the “sand-cutter” or fortuneteller, to see who placed a curse on the victim, and what revenge or remedy can be sought through witchcraft. Accusations fly, families and communities are divided as a result. Rick makes an effort to address that response when he has a difficult diagnosis, encouraging the family to pull together and affirm the life of the cancer patient so that he can live his last days with love and peace.

Because he sees many of these patients in a clinic setting, Rick may never see them again. But women have come to him with their 3-year old child and said, “Here he is, I kept the baby because of what you said.” I remember being present when someone thanked him for his honesty about the terminal condition of their child and how they were able to say goodbye to him in peace and with their family’s support as he went to be with Jesus.

Please continue to PRAY for Rick to minister the word of life through the Holy Spirit in his daily encounters with his patients and their families. We trust in the promise that his Word does not go out “for nothing” as they say here – that it will accomplish God’s purposes.

Thanks always for your prayers and your encouragement through your gifts. We finished our fiscal year at almost 100% support, probably just because a few gifts did not get in by the last day of September. We are praying for all of you, too, in the current economic crisis- that God will provide in every way for your needs.

God bless you. Keep checking our blog as well for more news and especially photos. We always love hearing from you too!

For the Kingdom, Debbie Sacra for Rick and the boys.

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