Friday, October 03, 2008

Some of the New SIM Liberia team - more to come

Les Unruh is the new SIM-Liberia Associate Director. Les and Verla and their family were the first up-country church planting missionaries in Liberia from 1978 into the 80s. They have agreed to serve in the position for a year. Two of their daughters are also missionaries in W. Africa, so being here is a nice opportunity to squeeze in visits with them.

Matt and Brenda Carr are also "returnees". They served as church planters in Liberia before the 1990 civil war and then in Ivory Coast in the 90s. Having "launched" their kids, they felt God was calling them back to the mission field. Matt is getting to know the ECUL church leaders in his position as Church Relations Coordinator and Brenda has taken over Debbie's work as Personnel Director and helping at the Academy in staff development.
Keith and Kristen Chapman are with the SIM team through Mercy Ships. Keith is a dentist and dental surgeon who teamed up with Frieda Schmidt on our SIM team to expand the dental services that will be offered through ELWA Hospital. Their clinic is called Trinity Dental Clinic and you can read more about it their website: . They also have a vision for training dental health providers and bringing dental services into remote areas with teams. The clinic is still under construction, but I'm sure that as soon as Frieda is back in November, they will be working to get it up and running. Kristen has her hands full, as you can see - she is homeschooling their kids, Taylor (in glasses), Lauren, and Samuel.

You may recognize Do Young and Kyung Ok Choi if you have been in contact with us over the years. They first came to Liberia in 2003, only to evacuate with us 6 weeks later. After an extended home assignment in S. Korea (due to the arrival of their third daughter, Hay Young) they returned in June. Do Young loves to train and encourage pastors and will work closely with Matt and ECUL. Kyung Ok is homeschooling their middle daughter, Yeju and Minju attends school with our boys.

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