Monday, September 08, 2008

Where in the world are Rick and Debbie?

Back in Liberia.

We arrived August 27th - nearly two weeks ago now. Thanks to all who helped get us moved, packed and on our way. We really couldn't do this without the support we get from friends, churches and family.

After a few days of greetings and errands, Rick was back at work at the hospital of course. And on call this past weekend, so he is fully into it again. I'm getting a much slower start, but beginning to feel settled enough to think about what else I am ready to do besides cleaning and unpacking. There are a couple of home improvements on the list that I don't want to put off too long, but I'm beginning to feel ready to get involved at the ELWA Academy and our church again soon. Jared and Caleb started school right away last Monday, so they also got right back into a routine. Max has already been in school for 4 weeks in Senegal and well, we don't hear from him much, so I guess that means he's having a good time!

It's been a very different arrival for us this time. There are so many more missionaries! Nearly everyone on our team is in transition- moving into a new house, fixing up a house, building a house, getting ready to leave or just coming- so that is a little tough for us all - no one is settled in enough to be the support for the transitioning people. The dust will settle in a month or so, I'm sure. I think that in our next post, we'll have to let you know just who is here that we are talking about.

In the meantime, has a new feature on Liberia.

Pray for our team as we get to know each other and redistribute responsiblities that Rick and I were shouldering before. Pray for the Carrs and the Chapmans who have some major work to do on their houses- Chapmans have just one month to finish their place before the resident of their temporary quarters returns. And Carrs really don't even have good temporary quarters so they want to get their place in some kind of shape very soon so they can move out of the guesthouse.

Sorry for so much text and no pictures - just wanted to let you all know that we have arrived and you'll be hearing from us more often again. Thanks for your prayers.

Debbie for the Sacras

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