Monday, September 15, 2008

Going to the next level

This post is for the benefit of all the former ELWA missionaries who might look in once in awhile. I have to tell you that I have achieved a new level of "becoming" recently - that is, becoming a real ELWA missionary (after 13 years...) Yes, I have finally joined the ranks of those who covered their appliances in contact paper. After being completely grossed out by my rusty refrigerator door when I got back from home assignment, I happened upon some not too tacky contact paper at one of the supermarkets. I immediately snatched up several rolls. We've scraped and painted and now covered the fridge with it and frankly, it really doesn't look that bad. It certainly looks better than it did- I'm sorry I did not take a "before" picture. But here are a couple of the job in progress.

When Caleb came home to see the fridge with black spots (it's special anti-rust paint) he said "MOM, there's a cow on our refrigerator!"

The job is not quite complete because the sides and especially the top still need to be scraped and treated. So the final product is going to be quite busy. But it's a big improvement over the rust! Kudos and chuckles to all the ELWA old-timers.


MaryD said...

funny! at first i thought the black paint was cow-pattern contact paper... was thinking that your definition of not-too-tacky was very broad... and laughed when i got to the end and the last pics! So, you're a real missionary now. (Though I only remember covering the TOP of the fridge, and that when it was brand new off the container... we'll see how long the contact paper holds it together at this point. I think I need the same job on my fridge here!!)

Gene Brooks said...

I'm with Caleb. I really liked the cow pattern.