Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Astro Jacks

I’ve never posted on a blog before so I could be a bit too bland...

Astro Jacks are basically a string with one ball attached to each end and one free ball in the middle. So first you start moving one of the balls on the side up and down. Then the free middle ball (which I’m holding in the picture)stays in one place while the other ball spins around it.Well, I like Astro Jacks because when you move your hand up it makes the orbiting ball go farther away from the ball its orbiting. And its soo awesome how they are so unpredictable!!!


Anonymous said...

Caleb, You'll have to show me your Astro Jacks next week! :) Not too bland at all!

MaryD said...

Caleb, it's really fun to see you writing on the blog. I think the astro-jacks sound like fun, and you look like you're enjoying them!

Bless you,
Aunt Mary

Joel said...

Your Astro Jacks look really cool, wish I was there to play them with you. I miss you!