Sunday, August 12, 2007

I want my maypo!

Back when I was a kid, one of our favorite breakfasts was MAYPO..."with just a touch of maple flavor" or something like that. Somehow it is associated especially with my oldest brother Dave in my memory. I really loved maypo-- it was a great hearty hot breakfast. Much mre interesting than oatmeal, I thought.

Then all those instant oatmeals came out, and the makers of Maypo knuckled under, and changed Maypo into oatmeal. It still said "Maypo", but it wasn't maypo anymore! I wondered to myself "what was that stuff that was in Maypo" but I never did figure it out.

Recently Deb started fixing bulgur wheat for us sometimes for breakfast--and lo and behold, it was MAYPO!!!! I couldn't believe it. So I feel like I've gotten something back from my childhood. Bulgur wheat is actually brought into Liberia as relief food, given out free to people in need, but some finds its way into the market (because the people who receive it need some cash for school supplies or medicine or whatever), and we buy some every now and then. And now, a new generation of Sacras is enjoying Maypo! (that's Caleb)

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