Thursday, July 12, 2007

The best tool in the world

You probably think that this would be Rick writing. But it's Debbie. I wish I was a poet - if I were, I would write a poem called "Ode to the Vise-Grip". Last summer when we were home, it was June, so we bought Rick some tools for Father's Day. I'm not really very educated about tools, but I saw a set of vise-grips and they looked cool so I got them. The pretty blue and yellow handles caught my eye I think. What an outstanding tool! We have used these handy dandy devices to unstick several very stuck things in the last couple weeks. And things tend to really get stuck here - between the high humidity and high salt content in the atmosphere, stuck stuff is just part of life. So this is a very silly blog entry, but I just want to recommend the lowly vise grip to all of you - it's not a power tool, but it is a powerful tool.
It wasn't poetry, but it was kind of poetic, don't you think? I bet Rick could turn it into a real poem, but he wasn't interested.

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Mary Beth said...

Hey, if I can figure out how to send it to you I will send the the audio of an Irish Ballad about Binder Twine. Maybe it will inspire you to write about the viser grip.
I will write soon.

Mary Beth