Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bumper Wisdom

In liberia, Taxis often have interesting little "quotes" on their bumpers... This is one of the more colorful ones... Can you get what it means?

My interpretation of this one is... The driver feels that people in Liberia like to talk or gossip too much, about anything and everything they see anybody doing. He seems to be asking people not to talk about him too much! I'll try to collect some more "bumper wisdom" as time goes on.... Love, Rick

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Melodie Sheppard said...

That's a line from the very famous Niger Blow rap song "Your mouth will talk it" . "Enay tih I do, da yow muh wih tawk ih". I can't believe you haven't heard it yet! Niger Blow IS one of the greatest rappers in West Africa, so it kind of surprises me...