Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day!

To all you moms out there--Happy Mother's Day!!!
We love you and appreciate you, and you know that if it weren't for you...
We wouldn't even be here!

I'm feeling a little empty place inside, since it's been just about a year since my mom went to be with Jesus. Someday I'll be able to tell her "thanks" again for all she did for me!

Here in Liberia, Mothers' Day has a slightly different flavor. At our church, the tradition is that a lady is asked to give the sermon (and today it was a real fiery one, on Ruth chapter 1--the three options a woman faces--be like Orpah (start on the road with God, but turn back after realizing it won't all be so pretty), be like Naomi (blame God, but at least return to him and experience his faithfulness), or be like Ruth (commit to God 100%, better or worse, until death). It was a great message.

Then after the message the Women's Department had a little fundraiser called a "pinning" to show appreciation to the moms in the service. They sell either ribbons (for 10 Liberian Dollars--about 17 cents) or candy (for 5 Liberian Dollars--about 8 cents) and you take the ribbon or candy to a mom (your own or someone else's) and pin the ribbon or the candy on her to tell her you love her and appreciate her. All the moms were asked to wear white today--So Deb got decorated quite nicely!!! Here she is right after the service.
Happy Mom's Day, Debbie!


Anonymous said...

wonderful mothers day message! i now have your blog address and will read it more often. Its great. You looked loved with all your pins and candy:)

MrsShoe said...

Can't find your email address. Please email me, I have homeschooling guestions I'd like to ask. Thanks, Ana & Rich Shoemaker