Friday, March 16, 2007

A holiday hike

The Sacra boys (minus Max, who is in Dakar) went for a walk with the Goodnow Guys this afternoon. It was a holiday today (JJ Roberts' Birthday... he was the first president, so it's kind of like Presidents' Day in the US) so Tom Goodnow and I decided to take a walk with the kids. Within the first 5 minutes we managed to get one of our guys into a deep muck hole in which he lost his sneaker! The victim shall remain anonymous for now.

So, after recovering from that mishap and changing shoes, and exploring some more swampy bushy places around behind our houses, we wandered over to the "Rock Quarry" across the main road, where they break bedrock into little pieces by hand to make crushed rock for construction. Here is a friend of mine paying for some crushed rock to add to his "for sale" pile.
It goes for about 50 cents a bucket...

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