Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Today is Caleb's birthday - he is 10 years old! That's it - all of them are now in double digits. His birthday often gets overlooked, being right after Christmas, so I really wanted to make an effort for him this year, even though when I first asked he didn't really sound like he cared. After a little pressing, he decided he wanted to have a dinner party - Italian food. So we decided on lasagna (no small feat since I have to make the ricotta myself; at least I don't have to make the noodles) - and he adds "with olives on the side, for those who like them..." So I asked, "do you like olives?" and he replies "no, of course not, but someone might." He often cracks us up with such funnies. I know I should write more of them down, but I suspect they will keep coming. (Yes, I did serve olives) Caleb is our people-person - he prefers to be with someone, and actually it doesn't really matter what they are doing- he's flexible on that. He sat in "jail" this evening while playing capture the flag with a high school guy from the construction team that is visiting without much angst - Joel said Caleb said that when they get released they should run out in triumph. Where does he get these images? Actually, I suspect that much of it comes from Calvin and Hobbes.

We love you Caleb! Happy Birthday and God Bless You!

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